• aka kiracchi/キラっち
• she/her
• 21↑
• freelance/hobby translator, JP/CN→EN
• mainly ffxiv, sometimes genshin
• usually not r18 on main but I sometimes rt nsfw
I do not keep up with enstars anymore!!
please do not follow me if you came from my enstars tweets

tl commission info

samples here!pricing:
• basic (tweets/4koma) - $0.05/character
• regular (songs/enstars/manga) - $0.10/character
• advanced (books/technical documents) - $0.15/character
• videos - DM to ask! price will vary based on difficulty
prices are in USD! for basic requests i will require full payment upfront before starting. for regular/advanced requests i will require half payment upfront. once it is complete, i will send you a short sample, and once i have received full payment i will send you the full textyou will receive: a .txt file containing the translated text. typesetting/subtitling is available for extra charge, which varies depending on complexity (e.g. about $1/page for comics)i accept payment through paypal only. DM me on twitter please!

enstars translations list

note: this section is intended as an archive. I have stopped both playing and translating enstars for good. feel free to do whatever you want with the translations as long as I'm credited.sovereign's tuning ← shu itsuki sub story
a nice day to meet ← mika kagehira sub story
a midsummer's night dream ← 2016 event story (unfinished)
natsume sakasaki sub story
this senior is prone to worrying ← tsumugi aoba sub story
coming from afar ← natsume sakasaki sub story
black swan ← tsumugi aoba sub story
endless summer ← valkyrie magazine interview
the gods' play ← wataru hibiki sub story
immature people ← shu itsuki sub story
valkyrie album song lyrics
my older, non-enstars translations can mostly found on my tumblr

i don't really care, it's up to you.however, i am very open about liking and consuming "problematic" content.